Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Winterfest 2017

I have reserved a couple tables at the fest for myself and a friend.  I have an IC-706MkIIG HF/VHF/UHF rig and an Amp Supply LK-500ZA.

 The 706 has been with me for a long time.  It was my second 706, the first was a MKII with only 2m.  This is a fine rig, it has been mobile, but not beat up.  I try to take care of my gear.  No problems that I am aware of, I ran it mobile for HF and also VHF/UHF, so I put it through it's paces and haven't seen any problems in operation. Currently, it is in the shack for 2m/440.  I always get good reports on the rig, it's just time to sell it to reorganize things.  It is MARS mod'ed , as I used to be in MARS.

 The amp isn't the one I was rebuilding, I actually sold that amp to Charlie, KT9D who converted it to running a pair of Russian GI7B's.  This amp I bought with a few issues, like the meter shunt going out and the blocking caps aging.  I used the power supply board from the ZC and replaced the meter shunts with some higher wattage resistors than original and replaced all the DC blocking caps.  I had a brand new plate choke for the LK-500, so I also put that in while I was at it.  I fashioned a piece of plexi glass into a divider between the tank circuit and tubes to force more air through the tube sockets and out the holes that had been drilled under the tube sockets.  I really struggled with selling this amp, I have always liked the Amp Supply equipment and it has been a good amp that is easy to tune and holds up well.  I just need to sell it and some other gear to reorganize between my mobile and shack.

John(KB9UDE), is bringing several items, some 800MHz commercial handhelds, a Yaesu FT10(I think) dual band mobile, and some used audio gear as well.  Who knows what else he will dig out of the storage room!

40m Ground Mounted Vertical Project

I am in the planning stages for a ground mounted 40m vertical.

Design Criteria:

1. No Guys (Impractical?)
2. Efficient as practical
3. Good Ground System (30+ radials?)
4. Simple Feed (tapped coil, folded monopole)
5. Mounts to a single post or tube.

I have a design idea for the mounting insulators that is built from vinyl 3/4" trim boards.

Mounting system for 1" copper tubing and tapped coil feed mounted on a 4x4 post.
I question the copper tubing standing up to the weather here in Illinois.  We get some pretty good winds in my area with thunderstorms and winter weather.  I don't want to put this up and have it fold over during a winter storm, but going to larger copper increases cost quickly.  The larger tubing also doesn't work with the material I have on hand for the insulators and I would need to come up with another solution for that.

My next thought is much the same, but feeding it as a folded monopole.  In this case I would feed the antenna via a wire cage built around the copper antenna above.  The wire cage could be used to help support the copper tubing.


Well, I am back after a long break from doing much with radio at all.  What can I say, life happens...

This was actually written and saved as a draft for some time now.  I am still interested in building such an antenna, yet not sure when I will get around to it.  I am a do it yourself type guy with rather low budget for radio.  So, if you have any ideas that fit the design criteria, please offer your suggestions.